The Reason

Our health is important to us. We all want to live long, happy, active lives. We want to help spread the word and help nudge our friends and family in the right directions so their lives too can be full of health and happiness. The sad truth is too many people go through life sleepwalking on fad diets, unhappy and with no energy to enjoy life.

But you have the power to change this all so easily by changing to a plant-based lifestyle you will instantly feel lighter, happier and feel free to get up and go for that walk/run. Dust down the gym pass and actually start making improvements to your health. Your whole mindset will change because you are giving your amazing body what it deserves, beautiful wholesome food. In turn this will rub off on everyone around you and you will be making a positive impact on their life to. You will become more aware of this special planet we live on and the beautiful animals we share it with.

In this website we give you access to all the tools and information that you need to start living your life again, the way it was always designed to be lived. It is so simple start living today and take advantage of our advice to live a more fulfilled life now!


Our Story

In early January 2017 our lives were changed for the better, we heard about a film called Food Choices - Michal Siewierski on iTunes, it was shocking and exciting all at the same time. It made us realise that even though we already recycle everything we can, buy energy saving lightbulbs, turn the tap off whilst brushing our teeth so to save water and all the things that everyone does that cares about our planet. We as humans are still having a massive impact on our planet by consuming meat and dairy products and this really shocked us. Also we were amazed to find out that all these years that we have been told to consume dairy and meat but we have another way to get the nutrients we need with our harming our animals and our planet. So we were excited to start our plant-based life, the very next day we gave away any meat, fish, eggs and dairy that we had. We are going to start making more of a positive impact on our planet and for all the beautiful animals that we share it with. So we were giving plant-based a TRI but in the beginning it was very hard to find good nutrition packed meals and information on good products to help make changing years of cooking and eating an easy transition. Since then we have searched everywhere to find the best products to make life healthy, active and most importantly easier allowing us more free time to enjoy our happier more active lifestyle. We've even found the energy to build this website to help you and to allow you to help everyone around you make the right choices. A site like this would have made our lives so much easier and it brings us so much pleasure knowing we are making an improvement to your journey and to our planet.

Don't forget we are all here for each other, so please send us an email if you have any Questions

Meet the Team

Hi everyone, we are Matt and Lyn Gascoigne. We are both very passionate about plant-based living and the plant-based community. Since becoming plant-based we have both found our spark and love for the outdoors we are really into our running, biking and from the name you probably already realise TRIathlons. We hope to see you out there in the future and thank you for taking to time to visit our website.

Us at derby

Matt and Lyn Gascoigne

Our Next Steps...

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