Beginners Guide To PlantBased

Starting plant-based doesn't have to be difficult. Using our guides and products we have tried and tested, you can start your new and most authentic life today.

The products that will make life easy and very helpful are on our products page here is a small selection:
Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender
Greenpan Non-Stick Frypan
Happy Cow App
Full list on our products page

The food, now this is where people start to panic but you really don't have to. Everyone in the beginning always questions if they are going to get the correct nutrition they require whilst only eating plants. Now take it back a minute and ask yourself how nutritious is you current diet? I can pretty much guarantee if you eat a whole food plant-based diet the nutrition your putting in your body will definitely increase. There is some amazing plant-based cook books out there such as;
The Plantpower Way
Thrive Energy Cookbook
Plant-Based Cookbook
This Cheese Is Nuts: Delicious Vegan Cheese at Home
And that's just a couple, you'll see more in depth reviews in my future blogs but the holly grail of the perfect meals is “RichRolls Meal Planner” this not only allows you to plan your entire day/week of meals that are constantly changing and expanding but it takes into consideration the amount of time you have to prep your meal taking into account your food like and dislikes and once you've made your choices it creates you a printable and full interactive shopping list all phone friendly. This product is a must!!

The Water, I'm sure most of you are looking at this and thinking what has this got to do with being plant-based. Well in truth not a whole lot, but at TRIplantbased we are talking about a healthy plant-based lifestyle and keeping our body's healthy and hydrated is one of the main keys for a healthy lifestyle. What we are showing here with our distiller the Megahome Water Distiller is a way to hydrate yourself with pure clean water, by distilling tap water you are removing nearly all the impurities which make their way into our tap water from all the household and industrial chemicals that have been flushed down our toilets, drains, sinks, shower, etc. Some people will tell you that drinking distilled water is bad for you and they are not totally wrong. As we have said distilling removes nearly all the impurities but it also removes the electrolytes and minerals from the water and if you drink the distilled water without replacing the trace minerals and electrolytes then yes this could cause problems for you down the line. Distilled water is a blank canvas so we put 1/4 teaspoon of Himalayan unrefined rock salt to every 2 litres of water and spin it in our Vitamix Series 750 Blender to reenergise the water. By adding undefined Himalayan rock salt we put back the electrolytes and around 60+ trace minerals, along with your much needed electrolytes, plus the salt has a unique ionic energy that is released when it is mixed with water. All this is explained in much more detail in Darin Oliens book SuperLife: The 5 Simple Fixes That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome well worth a read.

Once you are on your plant-based journey you are going to feel like taking on new and more exiting challenges (trust us) and that's when exercise is going to play a massive part in your life, right now you may not think there is an athlete in you but I can assure you there is an athlete in all of us from taking on your first 5K or heading out into the sea to start your first Ironman being plant-based allows so many doors to open. The weight will start to come off (this is just a nice side effect) you will feel fitter, stronger, happier, more energised. Clicking on any of the links will take you to there Amazon page so you can find out more. Don't believe us hear more from our Experts. Plants can give you the power to TRI something new. Check out our Activity Blog.