Where do you get your protein from?

So many plant-based foods contain ample protein to support an active and healthy lifestyle here is just a couple of the best protein packed foods;

Mixed nuts 1/4 cup: 7-9 grams of protein

Beans cooked 1 cup: 10-15 grams of protein

Lentils cooked 1 cup: 15-20 grams of protein

Hemp seeds 3 tablespoons: 8-10 grams of protein

This is just some of the easy ways to get protein but check out our protein blog for more advice.

Do you have cheat days?

If you are asking do we have days we consume meat or dairy? The answer is definitely not.. Being plant-based however doesn't me you can't have a little treat from time to time, such as homemade coconut "ice-cream" chia seed chocolate pudding. Check out our food blogs for our favourite treat recipes.

Do I need a B12 supplement?

Most nut-milks, some soy products and things such as Nutritional Yeast contain B12 so if you are consuming plenty of these throughout the week then you should be fine. However still with all that said we would recommend a B12 supplement.