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How about a Marathon, NoMeat Athlete Matt Frazier's guides to get you to the finish line and beyond...

Why start running?

The question should be why wouldn't you start running, its not expensive to start, it can improve brain and overall heath, and thats just a couple of benefits...

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Biking is a fantastic sport to take up not only does it improve your health, but according to a survey 23% of people asked said a cyclist would be their preferred blind date athlete! So get the Lycra on and get out there, who knows what might come of it...



This sport is low impact on your joints and injures are rare, you only really need goggles and a swimsuit. But lets face it swimming is a life skill it can open the door to lots of things, even if only jumping off the back of a boat to get to a lovely secluded beach. So give swimming a TRI.

TRI putting them all together!


Check out the link above for the NoMeat Athlete guide to get you TRI fit and ready to take on any triathlon from your first ever TRI or just to improve on your techniques he can get you to the finish line and beyond...

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